Team Look

Anita Beasley

Strategist & Marketing Director

School Marketing Specialist

Over the past five years Anita has become widely respected throughout Queensland as a School Marketing Specialist that gets results. She is a skilled strategist who has worked in marketing for over 20 independent educational institutions from kindergartens to schools and from private to public. She is experienced at helping clients develop brand positioning and campaigns and rolling these out across their website, prospectus and advertising campaigns (traditional and digital). Her passion is helping our clients tell their unique stories.

Anita enjoys touring schools, understanding their SW/COTs and providing recommendations to clients that will actively have a positive impact on their business.

Marketing Savvy

Anita has worked in marketing for Griffith University and was also the Director of a Child Care Centre for 8 years. She has two boys in primary school and her husband also works in education. Throughout her career Anita Beasley has held national marketing management roles and worked in Sydney, the U.K. and Japan. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from University of Queensland and a Diploma in Communications from QUT.

If you have an enrolment or brand challenge with your school and require a school marketing specialist, then Anita is your woman!

Anita Beasley is a skilled School Marketing Specialist with Look Education, based in Brisbane