Team Look

Lauren Panrucker

Screen Producer

Lauren is our screen advertising producer, working behind the scenes on our school video productions to showcase each of our client schools in a unique and relatable way. She works with our video production team to make sure each video shoot follows a process from brief to finished video ready for upload! Her passion is to explore the unique story of each school she works with, bringing it to life through breathtaking and thought-provoking content.

School Video Producer

Lauren is our key point of contact for schools when we are producing videos for website, digital marketing and virtual showcases. Lauren starts with each brief and presents a unique video storyboard to showcase key messages as well as school features and benefits (key facilities and talent).

She will ensure shoot schedules are outlined, scripts are executed on brief and that talent and props are organised and ready for the day. Lauren has a keen eye for detail and will make sure everything is considered, from the weather to the soundtrack, leaving no stone unturned. She’s an asset to our team.