Team Look

Wes Tolhurst

Photographer and Videographer

Wes Tolhust has a 15 years career as a school video specialist producing school videos and photography suite for prospectuses and other key communication materials.

His signature style has been described by many as “bright, positive and natural.” Wes says, “Capturing authentic moments communicates more than words can say. It’s important to be technically proficient, however, having the gift of drawing a volunteer out to be comfortable is key in sharing the culture of your school through film or photography. These are things you can’t underestimate when it comes to advertising your school. It is my mission to enable people to know how beautiful they are and to share that with the world.”

Respected School Video Specialist

A gifted storyteller, Wes has spent many years working with volunteers as a church pastor, before becoming a respected filmmaker and photographer with clients across a broad spectrum of the education sector.

A key part of Look Education’s visual delivery, Wes has been known to work around the clock to capture the perfect shot or film sequence for our clients. Part of delivering the perfect footage or shot for clients comes down to have a clear and detailed brief. Our experience in this area and focus on brand synergy means we work exceptionally well as a team for our clients.

Wes shoots all over Australia and New Zealand, and lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with his wife and three kids.

Wes Tolhurst is a School Video Specialist responsible for videos and photography for Look Education clients.