Recently Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School) launched an Australian-first study skills program – called A Learner’s Toolkit – via a new website and launch event to partners and interested schools.

The program, which was developed by the Churchie Research Centre in collaboration with the University of Queensland, is a world-leading initiative combining best practice in the field of cognitive science and helps individuals develop better study practices that are proven to get both short and long-term results.

Designed to help students embed better study methods via six core study strategies, the program helps students develop habits that ensures by University-level they are prepared for the rigours of more deeper learning, retention and comprehension.

In order to package the program for ‘marketing’ to other schools and potential partners, Churchie engaged the services of Look Education to help them with branding and marketing.

An explorative workshop was undertaken to understand objectives, target audiences, key messages, brand positioning, website goals and potential marketing avenues. This was followed by a brand strategy and mini-marketing plan which unveiled simple recommendations and marketing concepts for Churchie to adopt.

A new brand identity was one of the first elements undertaken involving a brief, design concepts and final logo selection. The logo is typographic and ensures legibility and a bold statement when viewed digitally.

A key outcome was the development of a website which can be viewed here to explain the program to all audiences.

Currently deployed at Churchie and a number of other ‘test’ schools in Queensland, the program is now available for any school – private or public – to utilise in partnership with Churchie.

Churchie Research Centre Director, Dr Terry Byers, said the partnership with Look Education in driving the workshop, strategy, brand and web development has been seamless and enabled them to have confidence in the brand and product.

“We’re really pleased with the guidance and direction we’ve received from Look Education in helping us articulate the features and benefits of the program and how to present it best to market,” he said.