Your School Marketing Plan for 2019 might seem some way off in the middle of third term but before you know it end of the year functions will be looming, summer holidays will roll on in after some much needed R&R, you’ll be back at the desk, saying, “what holiday?”

And in January 2019 you will need to hit the ground running again. Our advice between now and January is to get your foundations set and put together a plan – a marketing plan!

We’ve worked with lots of schools who don’t actually have marketing plans in place and therefore their marketing throughout the year is reactive and responsive to advertiser’s media kits as opposed to carving out their own path.

School Marketing Plan – our tips

Our advice is simple – identify your marketing goals. They may be:

  1. Increase enrolments across the board – yet focusing on Prep and Year 7 entry
  2. Increase open day attendances
  3. Improve positive word of mouth in the community

Once you’ve done this, identify your key campaigns – let’s imagine they are:

  • A specific Prep campaign – aimed at Mums of newborns and toddlers – positioning your Prep facility with all of its unique features and benefits
  • A specific middle school/high school campaign aimed at both parents and students alike – what do you offer that is enticing/unique etc
  • A brand positioning campaign which you can run on/off and get word of mouth happening in the community

Then pull out your school calendar and start mapping out key dates/events. This marketing calendar is key as it will drive all of your media planning (Advertising) – social marketing posts – communication to parents etc.

Then go away and map out a media plan for the year, based on budget allocations. Understand how this is going to work throughout the year and integrate these campaigns across whatever media you believe is targeted, cost-effective and will deliver ROI for your school. This may be: Digital (combination of SEM/Social etc), Radio, Outdoor, Cinema, Press, Electronic Direct Mail, targeted letterbox and Events. You may want to break it down into key periods e.g.

  • Feb-March – Brand positioning campaign
  • April-June – Open Day marketing
  • July -Sept – Year 7 campaign
  • Oct – Dec – Prep enrolments for 2019

Once you’ve mapped out your media plan – it’s time to work with an expert to create these campaigns and the necessary tools (e.g. flyers, ads, brochures, targeted letters etc). Where a creative agency like Look Education can help you is to ensure you understand your marketing challenges, have the right strategies in place and that all creative is on brief.

To create these campaigns – you need key messages, great creative, specific photography/videography and an eye for quality and attention to detail.

Needless to say on top of this – if your website isn’t up to date/scratch it should be one of your first marketing priorities, along with some key tools such as:

  • Prospectus
  • Principal’s message/video on website
  • Enrolment process – forms/letters etc

If you need help with any of this or your school marketing plan for 2018 we are happy to help. We hope you finish 2018 on a high note and 2019 is a successful marketing year for you and your school.

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