Today we thought we’d share our top 10 tips for running successful School Open Days.

  1. Plan the date for School Open Days well in advance and get into everyone’s diaries. At this point create an Open Day team of people who will be key to assisting on the day including parent volunteers.
  2. Plan your media budget/schedule well in advance and lock it in.
  3. Create an awareness campaign that drives people to register — you need names and emails and ideally preliminary info.
  4. Use an integrated approach — traditional and social media. Traditional just needs to promote the date/time and web. Social can be your WHY. Make sure you have everything professionally designed and produced. Good content/copy is key.
  5. Once you have their pre-registered names — give them a reason to come (send them an email/video). Build the momentum.
  6. Ideally hold the day when students are there — if not make sure it looks like there is heaps to see and lots of action.
  7. Make your Principal/Headmaster front and centre. Let them shine in their element, but they are not there to sell. (So they need to speak.)
  8. Get your best students and your best staff on the job. They’re your ambassadors and you need them to show parents around and talk to them as part of school tours.
  9. Give them something to take home and think about. They will want to know fees and have an enrolment form.
  10. After the day, follow up all that attended by email. Hot prospects should get a phone call from the Principal/Headmaster.

In the week after the event its important to have a review meeting with your Open Day team and others involved so you can make note of what went well and what needs improving. Its also important to track those enrolments that came via your School Open Day so you can gauge your ROI on this activity.

If you’d like specific help or guidance in developing and marketing your School Open Day, get in touch with Look Education.

School Open Days Mantra

School Open Days are one of the best marketing opportunities we have to let prospective families experience our school!

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