SEO and Digital Marketing for Schools Increase Website Traffic, Engagement and Conversions

Discover the benefits of multiple digital campaigns for one school with separate businesses

When it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing for Schools, Nambour Christian College (NCC) is making great headway thanks to a planned, integrated approach.

Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, NCC operates three separate business entities: a P-12 co-educational Christian College; a childcare and kindergarten business with eight locations across South-East Queensland; and a Swimming Centre and Swim School.

Today, many schools have multiple entities with one marketing person responsible for the lot. How do they juggle doing it all? In this case, NCC’s Marketing Director, Nicole Wykes, has partnered with Look Education to help manage their digital marketing for their three businesses.

All three entities have different websites, budgets, target audiences and brand message requirements, yet they have one thing in common – they require optimum enrolments throughout the year to ensure sustainability.

Working with the College, Look Education has developed a master digital strategy and digital campaigns for all three businesses geared towards achieving the best ROI against brand and marketing goals. This can be a complex task requiring expert advice, planning, implementation, and, most of all, review and tweaking. A monthly joint project meeting keeps things on track as the three businesses have digital tactics running concurrently.

As each business is tasked with driving enrolments it needs to be both ‘found’ organically via Google and positioned in front of the right target audience. Therefore, a push and pull strategy has been used, incorporating SEO, Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic. Because a site visitor hasn’t been “promoted or sold to”, this method engenders trust and credibility. When a site is optimised for SEO, it delivers a better user experience as linked pages relate to the search term. This helps achieve increased traffic, engagement and conversions.

SEO involves understanding the top-ranking keywords and implementing both via onsite and offsite methods to improve rankings and achieve Page 1 positioning on Google. At Look, we believe all SEO needs to be relevant, authoritative and authentic.

We work hard with the NCC websites to improve meta descriptions and headers so that their website is performing as best as possible.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords help NCC be seen and support conversions for key enrolment campaigns. They also help boost keyword rankings. Google Adwords are mainly paid-for text ads that appear at the top or the bottom of page 1 when you do a search in Google. They have the word Ad at the front of them.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign is where a small display advertisement appears in relation to a search.

  • For each campaign we work through the following process:
  • Ideas/suggestions for campaigns including creative direction
  • A Brief for client sign-off including target audience specification and geographic targeting
  • Copywriting for artwork, social posts and landing pages
  • Design of artwork (sometimes up to 8 formats)
  • Set up and testing of landing page
  • Reporting

Critical to the success of each campaign is quality copywriting and design and the conversion capability of the landing page.

Each Look Education client has access to their own digital dashboard to view analytics and progress in real time of the SEO and digital marketing campaigns running for their school.  They can also generate reports easily with colour coded graphs and key data, and track changes over time.

Benefits for Schools

What are the benefits for NCC in running multiple, often concurrent, digital campaigns?

There are many:

  1. Best use of marketing channels – where the target audience is looking.
  2. Targeted campaigns to the right target audience – so not wasted on people outside the demographic
  3. Well-designed and branded advertisements and landing pages reinforce branding and name recall.
  4. Measurement of results (views, conversions, attendees to tours and enrolments) against budget spend
  5. Ability to tweak campaigns in progress
  6. Own private dashboard to keep all metrics and data in one place – for any date range
  7. Peace of mind knowing that all the work is being done by experts!

SEO and Digital Marketing Help with a Google Partner

At Look Education our digital marketing provider is a Google Partner. They stay up to date with the latest Google developments which means you don’t need to.

They are also across digital trends and opportunities. Working with our strategists, copywriters and designers we can manage multiple SEO and digital marketing campaigns on your behalf to achieve your objectives.

Contact us today if you want to get things underway for 2022.