Targeting Mums — here’s what schools need to understand — and to make it easier, I invite you to step inside my world for a few minutes…

Day 2 of the School Year.

Well a big sigh of relief in this household. Two boys off to school yesterday and Dad too (hes a teacher!). Its ironic that it is the end of the holidays yet here I am thinking I need another holiday. Back to school was exhausting! I had to:

Mums Job List
  • Organise the uniforms, socks and shoes and label them all x 2
  • Buy the new iPad for Master 7, collect it and load it up with 55 apps.
  • Label the new lunch boxes, drink bottles and all the Tupperware to go inside.
  • Organise all the stationery, cover all books and label/write names on them all all.
  • Prepare some back to school baking/lunch menu forward planning and buy snacks for after school Daddy day care.
  • Stay up to date with the various Facebook posts on the school private group and year level groups — read everything so I know what’s going on.
  • Teach Master 7 how to tie shoelaces.
  • Start looking into after school extra-curricular activities.
  • Get the kids back into a better bedtime/sleep routine in preparation for early starts.
  • Make sure they had healthy full lunches on day one and they all got to school on time (including Dad) — and turn up to say farewell and greet at end of day one.
  • And now Im into the daily routine of preparing lunches each day, going through school bags at the end of day, sorting and washing dirty lunch boxes, washing school clothes, cleaning shoes, organising what theyll need for school for various show and tells, about to start with homework/reading each day, reading school emails and weekly newsletters, staying up to date on Facebook and so on…
Profile of a Millennial Mum

And why am I telling you all this? Well Im your typical school number one target audience — Im the Mum, the chief organiser (and 50/50 decision maker in this household) — call me Anita — exhibit A.  And if you are going to be targeting Mums then you need to get me.

So many school boards, Principals, executive teams and marketers forget that Im the type of person they need to communicate to when they want to promote their school. I work, Im busy, Im tertiary educated, Im community minded, Im well travelled. I dont have much time any more to watch TV or read local newspapers (or things that arrive in my letterbox). Yes I have an iPhone. Yes I access Facebook and read emails sent to me. Yes Im also interested in the other schools around me and what my friends/colleagues are saying about other schools. So how are you going to get to me?

Targeting Mums — 4 Top Tips

Here are my tips on successfully targeting Mums — and some ideas:

  1. Create a target audience profile/persona for your typical Mum: How old is she?Where does she live, where does she shop, where does she go to be entertained?
  2. Map out what media does she consume — that you know of — make a mental note of it.
  3. Brainstorm her typical day pattern — e.g. school drop off, work, shopping, internet usage, homework helping, kitchen duties, bedtime routine etc. Think about the times of the day when you can ‘talk to her’.
  4. Put 2 and 3 together into a brainstorm list of targeting opportunities.
Targeting Mums Media Example:
  • Facebook morning and evening. (Check out these tips on targeting Mums on Facebook.)
  • Car radio morning and afternoon
  • Outdoor advertising in key placement areas
  • School emails/database/school social media
  • Other digital/internet opportunities
  • Shop-a-docket?
  • School holiday cinema ads?

When youre creating your advertising think about 1. (your target audience persona/profile) — how do you think Anita would like to be spoken to? What appeals to her? How will you attract her attention? What key words and language do you need to use? Will she watch a video? Perhaps you need to do some market research with your current target audience and potential target audience to get to the bottom of this to run a successful school marketing campaign.

Good luck for the 2018 school year. Naturally, Look Education can help with any an all of the above.

Targeting Mums — shes your number 1.

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