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Helping our clients reach the end goal

Through our knowledge and experience gained from working in the education sector we know that clients have broad ranging marketing objectives specific to their campus and current situation.

What they have in common, however, are the 5 E’s of Education Marketing. Each organisation’s success is inherently linked to:

The right brand strategies and targeted marketing will enable you to gain traction in these 5 E-ssential areas.

The 5 E’s of Education Marketing explained


When you give families and influencers the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for you, you start them on the journey of enrolment. Creating a program of open days, campus tours and novel community events on campus lets people experience your brand first-hand. Another area is to take your brand into the community and let them experience you there.


Once you have a program or offering you need to promote it. Driving prospects to ring, email, message and visit your campus is the next stage in your marketing effort. However, it is not enough just to capture their interest; you must be smart about capturing their data and ensuring they keep you top of mind.


Your ultimate marketing goal is to motivate families and students to join your waitlist, enrol and pay a deposit. This is the pointy end of your enrolments pipeline. Once they are part of your marketing funnel your job is to keep them informed, inspired and impressed, so they sign up to be part of your school.


It’s important that families – new and old – continue to be excited and proud to be a part of your school community. Ongoing community engagement through effective communications and stories helps create further awareness and turns your community into your best asset – raving fans. Such advocates spread word of mouth, likes, shares and have a direct influence on your future prospects.


To build on your success and improve your offering you need evidence of how well your marketing is working. Surveying your community (staff, parents, students or even the wider community) and achieving improved results over time is paramount. Monitoring inquiries and social media metrics will provide other insights for ongoing marketing development.