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Professional School Prospectuses

Your website and your school prospectus are the two most important marketing elements that you need to market and indeed sell your school. Even public schools can benefit from school prospectuses, particularly as they target – and compete – for prospective students and families who will be a positive asset to their school.

Like company’s prospectus for an IPO for shares your Prospectus is essential for raising capital. It therefore needs to impress prospective families and have all the necessary information to enable parents to make a decision.

For parents to decide to go with your school they are in fact making 2 major investment decisions:

  1. They are investing their trust in you to do the right thing by their child
  2. They are investing their hard earned money in you to ensure a quality education for their child. This means quality teachers, quality facilities, quality opportunities, quality school community and quality results.

Your prospectus is the document that will ensure substantial income for your school over the lifetime that a child and potentially siblings are with you.

To that end it needs to have gravitas.

Look Education has produced numerous school prospectuses for private and public schools, for regional and urban schools.

School Prospectuses – essential elements

These are the core elements we concentrate on in creating a prospectus that is both unique for each client and convincing.

  • True to your brand essence
  • A unique and stylish design – this is critical to making your publications seen and read
  • A strong campaign theme woven throughout
  • Original photography that we direct
  • A Principal Welcome that embodies statesmanship
  • Less information than what is on your website, but salient, well organised copy that conveys your key messages.
  • Well-written and inviting copy that has a story-like quality to it, enhancing engagement.

The importance of great imagery, headlines and copy cannot be overstated. These elements helps a school connect with the aspirations that parents have for their children – and also the aspirations that grandparents have for their grandchildren. Often grandparents can influence the decision as to which school their grandchildren go to and help fund that schooling.

Types of School Prospectuses

Depending on your requirements and our recommendations we can create the following types of prospectus. (Click through to see examples of our work)

Whole of School. See Ipswich Grammar School prospectus.
Primary School. See St John’s Lutheran Primary School Prospectus
Middle School. See Montessori Middle school Prospectus
High School. See The Scots PGC College Prospectus. (Also a boarding school)

We manage print production of prospectuses to a high quality ensure suitable stock in keeping with your brand and can produce all other elements of an online enrolment pack. We also provide online PDF of your prospectus and enrolment information.

“When I read Look’s prospectus for our school, I was blown away with how well the team at Look Education got us and how eloquently they were able to express our unique offering.”

Brendan Cahill – College Principal, Brigidine College
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