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Strategy that gets results

To develop great marketing strategies for schools – and attain great outcomes – you need a strategic approach. Shortcuts and random tactics will get you nowhere. So too will historical patterns like spending a large portion of your budget on local newspaper advertising.

Getting marketing strategies for schools right is key to attracting welcomed enrolments and the positive positioning of your school. As it is for businesses, the correct goals, objectives, marketing strategy and tactics will help any school or educational institution meet its business objectives in the short and long term.

Strategies are the long-term, high-level thinking necessary to achieve a given objective. They are the HOW of achieving your objectives and often require innovative ideas and positioning. However before creating marketing strategies for schools it’s essential to understand the challenges / issues and what the underlying causes are – and whether these are real and tangible or whether they are intangible – perceptions and attitudes.

Marketing Strategies for Schools

Look Education has extensive experience in developing highly-specific marketing strategies for schools and other educational organisations. Our approach is based on marketing best-practises, leverages cross industry knowledge and ensures strategic outcomes. Below are the stages we take for developing highly-focused marketing strategies for schools:


Our analysis stage includes gathering and reviewing insight. We audit your current marketing materials and your people (your staff, your students, your parents) and understand what they are saying about you. We gather intel (including market research when needed) on your competitors and the location of your school and where your enrolments are coming from.

Most importantly we LISTEN to what you have to say – what you want and what you’re trying to achieve.


Our strategy stage also involves us taking time to think strategically about your challenges and issues and develop clever positioning recommendations and initiatives for you to attain your marketing objectives. These strategic recommendations will have a flow on effect across your branding, marketing plan and tactics including digital platforms. We work using a proven methodology that may involve workshops, brand pyramid (blueprints), brand strategy and marketing plans.

Core to our strategic work is understanding your WHY – what is the driving passion behind your school and what you are trying to achieve. It has to be real, demonstrable. From here we develop Brand and Marketing Strategy documents.

As part of our strategic work, we undertake:

  • Marketing and data review
  • Surveys / Focus Groups
  • Brand Workshops
  • Brand Strategy (includes defining your brand position, objectives and recommendations)
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
As one of its Marketing strategies for schools Look Education delivered this branding campaign for this Queensland regional school
As a specialist in marketing strategies for schools Look Education developed this brand campaign for a Bundaberg school from a research and strategic process
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Every school needs a Brand Strategy and a Marketing Strategy

Recognising the importance

of having a Brand Strategy and a Marketing Strategy

Most elements of your Brand positioning will change very little over time, unlike elements of  your Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy. To achieve your strategy you need to implement an ongoing, integrated marketing plan. You also need to regularly (at least annually) review your Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy along side a Situation Analysis of your business to ensure they are aligned. Typically, you will be meeting your goals and objectives and will need to adjust these, set new goals and objectives and update your brand and marketing strategy to achieve current goals.

When it comes marketing strategies for schools, you are in safe and experienced hands with Look Education.

“Look Education has helped Brigidine College gain clarity on our brand positioning and future marketing planning. We’ve been delighted with their thorough and professional approach to mapping out a strategy which encompasses our creative vision for the future.”

Mr Brendan Cahill, Brigidine College Principal
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